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Publications 2019

Publications 2019
Articles and book chapters published in 2019 (update January 2020)


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Book chapters

Guiguen, Y., Fostier, A., Herpin, A. 2019. Sex determination and differentiation in fish: genetic, genomic, and endocrine aspects. In: Hanping Wang, Francesc Piferrer, Songlin Chen, Song-Lin Chen, Zhi-Gang Shen, Sex control in aquaculture. 35-63. USA : Wiley-Blackwell. 888 p. [DOI

Guiguen, Y., Bertho, S., Herpin, A., Fostier, A. 2019. Sex determination and sex control in salmonidae. In: Hanping Wang, Francesc Piferrer, Songlin Chen, Song-Lin Chen, Zhi-Gang Shen, Sex control in aquaculture. 251-280. USA : Wiley-Blackwell. 888 p. [DOI]